Ranking Factors, WordPress Security and Speed

Welcome to the 9th Issue of the weekly newsletter. This week has been particularly tough as I was down with Covid. Then it spread to my wife and 8 month old son. My apologies for the delay.

In this issue, we look at interesting topics such as ranking factors, website security and speed. The Semrush study is long and you might not agree with. But it also sheds some light on where to focus your SEO efforts.

Calvin of Snicco has written an interesting follow up article to WeWatchYourWebsite's article in the previous issue. This includes some proof of concepts (POC) to show how attackers can steal WordPress authentication cookies. I hope the other WordPress security players will take note if needed.

We also cover ways to speed up your site in some of the curated articles this week. As speed is a major ranking factor, implementing the recommended changes will help your site rank better.

Finally, there are three software that's worth considering if you haven't. Bricks Builder, Automatic.css and Cwicly. Bricks and Cwicly will increase their prices in a few days. Weekly Digest  


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