Five more days to Black Friday, is your wallet ready?

And we are now at issue 4! Black Friday is coming really soon and some WordPress plugins are already on sale. While GridPane won't be doing any more lifetime deals, we recommend that you grab yourself a developer license during this Black Friday season as their prices are going up.

I apologize as the WordPress Black Friday Cyber Monday list hasn't been updated yet, but you'll see it updated by Monday morning. I was working on the AppSumo Black Friday deals article as AppSumo is launching their BFCM campaign in slightly more than 12 hours.

I also apologize for the late newsletter, as I was chipping down from an initial 34 articles to 10, which is the number we are recommended to have. Should I increase it to 12 or 15? Please let us know via the WPStarters Facebook Group.

For discussion on this week's newsletter, see you in the group :)

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